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I have been teaching Mathematics and Additional Mathematics for 6 years. I am patient enough to guide students to solve the Mathematics problems. Besides, I have experience in marking students' examination paper and I know well how they made their mistakes. Therefore, i believe I can help you out!


Throughout the session, I will give explanation first, following by the examples of a few questions. Then, I will let the students to try and practice on their own as Practice Makes Perfect! From time to time, I will let the students to take note which part of the answers that students used to make mistakes. I will remind the students to avoid the mistakes. Besides, I will remind the students which steps is important to be written in the answers to get marks. Students are also given opportunity to raise questions if face problem in solving questions. Hopefully will help you in improving your achievement!


Qualification Level Grade
Maths SPM 1A
Additional Maths SPM 1A
Maths T STPM A (4.00)


Subject Level My Prices
Maths SPM RM 60 /hr
Additional Maths SPM RM 80 /hr


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