Help for Students

Finding a tutor

Once you log in, you can find this on your homepage. Scroll down to "My Tutors", and you'll see an option to select "Tutor Shortlist".

Every tutor on our site is from a top college or university and has been personally interviewed and ID checked. With over 7 applications for each tutor place, you can rest assured you’re getting the best.

As well as offering free tutor meetings, we guarantee every tutor who has yet to be reviewed on this site, no matter how much prior experience they have. Please let us know within 48 hours if you’re not completely satisfied with your first tutorial.

You can contact a tutor directly from their profile. Just write a short message explaining what you need help with and click send. The tutor will get back to you as soon as they see your message, usually within a day or so. You can then set up a Free Meeting with the tutor in our online lesson space.

Meet tutors for a free 15-minute session before deciding whether you’d like to book with them. You can arrange these sessions directly with the tutor from their profile. Simply fill in the message box at the top right of the page and let them know what you’d like help with and what time you’d like to meet. They will then confirm the session or suggest an alternative time. Feel free to meet more than one tutor to make sure that you find the best match.

We understand how it is important to receive a speedy response as deadlines and exams come round. Avoid the panic and send out a Tutor Request. This is a short message explaining what you’d like help with, how often you’d like tutorials and when you’d like to get started and tutors who are able to help will quickly get back to you.

Tutors will usually respond to messages within 24 hours, but in exceptional circumstances it may take them a little longer. To make sure you’re not left waiting why not send a Tutor Request, to which you usually receive a response within a couple of hours, or contact another tutor.

We offer tuition for all subjects at 13+, UPSR, PT3, SPM, GCSE, A-level, IB and University entrance help including personal-statement writing and preparation for entrance tests. If you’re not sure if we offer what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Yes! One of the great benefits of online tuition is that you can continue working with the same tutor regardless of location or time zone. We already have students using iProTutor all the way from Malaysia to Australia. If you can access a computer with a good internet connection then you can arrange a tutorial with iProTutor, no matter where you are.

To send a tutor request, just select the subject and level of tuition you are looking for, and add a short message to let tutors know exactly what you’d like help with. This will then be sent to all available tutors who offer that subject and you will receive replies from those able to help. You can then arrange a free meeting with tutors who look suitable to find out more.

How does iProTutor work

iProTutor is an online marketplace which helps students connect with bright and engaging tutors. Our tutors provide one-to-one or one-to-many tuition through our online classroom removing the hassle and cost of travelling meaning students can enjoy tuition from the comfort of their home.

Our tutors are current university students or recent graduates from top Universities who have achieved excellent grades (A/A*s in their A-levels, STPM, Diploma, Degree or equivalent) and are specialists in their subjects. We assured to provide the best qualify tutors.

You can see all of our tutors here.

All of our tutors have achieved outstanding grades at school (A/A* at A-level, STPM, Diploma, Degree or equivalent) and are personally interviewed by a member of our team to ensure they will be able to inspire their students. You are also welcome to read feedback from others who have previously worked with our tutors to help you make your choice; all parents and tutees are invited to leave feedback after each session they have with a tutor.

Getting started is easy. You can either contact tutors directly (using the ‘Message tutor’ button on their profile) or you can send out a Tutor Request to a selection of our tutors and let them get back to you. Once you have emailed your tutor and arranged a time, simply book a free meet-the-tutor session to connect with your tutor in our online classroom. The classroom has a video link (a bit like Skype) and messaging so that you can see and talk to your tutor in real time, as well as an interactive whiteboard on which the student and tutor can write, draw and share documents..

You can enjoy a free 15-minute meet-the-tutor session before you make any commitment to book with a tutor. In the free session you can discuss your needs with the tutor to make sure they are right for your studies. We know how important finding the right tutor is, so you can meet several tutors before making a decision. What’s more, there’s no obligation to book after your free session.

Instead of travelling to your tutor’s home or meeting them elsewhere, tutorials are conducted through an online classroom (which is a bit like Skype with a digital whiteboard). You will still benefit from individual sessions which are tailored to you.

You will also enjoy added benefits.
• You can arrange tutorials whenever and from wherever you like,
• Meet a variety of tutors before you decide to book,
• Watch back tutorials after they take place,
• Pay as you go without having to commit to a minimum number of tutorials.

Making and managing bookings

A free meeting is a free 15-minute session where you can get to know a tutor in the online lesson space before deciding whether or not you’d like to book with them.

You can have free meetings with more than one tutor to make sure that you find the perfect match.

The free meeting is a good time to discuss the following:

• What you are hoping to achieve through tuition
• How frequently you would like to meet
• Whether you would like the tutor to set homework outside sessions
• The duration over which you'd like to have tuition (i.e. until the summer, for a year)

You can book a free meeting with your tutor using the 'Book Free Meeting' button on your Bookings Page.

You can book a free meeting directly from the tutor’s profile. Just type a short message in the box on the right of the screen letting them know what you’d like help with, and click send. They will then confirm the session and you’ll be ready to meet in the online lesson space.

If your tutor has suggested sometimes, you can accept one of these simply by clicking on it.

You can book a tutorial directly from the tutor’s profile or from your bookings page. It’s best to discuss timings with the tutor in a message first to make sure that they are available. You can then just book in the slot with them and they will confirm it, or if they have suggested times you should just click on the time you would like to book them for.

Please remember that tutorials must be paid for in advance to ensure that you can access your lesson space.

This entirely depends on student’s needs and so is a matter that should be discussed with your tutor in order to find the appropriate frequency. Recent research suggests that 1-2 hourly sessions per week is the optimal frequency to get the most out of one-to-one tuition.

No - you can book as many sessions as you require as and when you need them.

It’s up to you to decide whether you’d like to book sessions as they come up, or book in a weekly slot with the tutor you choose.

Not at all. You pay for each tutor session as you book, and you can book as many or as few sessions as you want. You can stop booking sessions at any time.

Of course! Once you find the perfect tutor, you are welcome to book in as many sessions with them as you require. Need to try a new tutor? No problem. You can contact new tutors at any time, either in new subjects or the same one. Some parents even have two tutors in the same subject consecutively!

You can check the status of all bookings from the Bookings section of your account. If a tutorial has been accepted by the tutor and paid for, the status will show as 'Confirmed'. This means that you will be able to launch your session. Please note that payment is not required for your free meeting.

If you would like a tutor to review, mark or comment on a piece of written work when you don't need to meet in the lesson space, you can do this by booking a Written Session.

Tutorials cannot be cancelled and refunded. If you have legitimate reason to make a cancellation please inform your tutor and contact us on within 48 hours.

If there are extenuating circumstances meaning a tutorial is missed or needs to be cancelled at short notice, these refunds can be made at the tutor's discretion, but there is no obligation on the tutor to do so.

You will be informed immediately if a tutor has cancelled a session and be given the opportunity to reschedule with the same tutor or with a different tutor, or receive a refund.

Online Safety

Recordings take around 24 hours to render and are then available for 4 weeks after the sessions takes place, but please note that playback may be disrupted by poor internet connection or accessing the lesson space multiple times. We cannot guarantee a recording, so please ensure that you do not rely on the recording and take appropriate notes during the tutorial session.

If it is less than 24 hours since your tutorial has been completed, please check back once this time has lapsed. If you wish to keep your tutorials indefinitely, then you can do this by using screen recording software like screencastify.

Your safety online is our utmost priority. Our site has been developed with this in mind, and we have a number of checks in place to ensure that students remain in a safe environment at all times. Please see our online safety guidelines.


All payments are made through the iProTutor platform and tutorials must be paid for before they take place to ensure you can access the lesson space with your tutor.

The easiest way to pay is by topping up your wallet on your account. Adding credit to your wallet means you won’t need to pay each time you book a tutorial, and that tutorials will be confirmed as soon as the tutor accepts them.

80% of our tutors are priced between RM40 – RM100 per hour, and the higher prices are usually selected by our most experienced tutors. You can see how much each tutor charges on their profile. With iProTutor you can sign up and meet our tutors for free. Tutorials are an hour long and cost between RM40 and RM100.

All card payment is made through a secure third-party payment provider, iPay88.

You can see your account balance under Your Wallet.

In order for a tutorial to be confirmed, a tutor must accept the booking and payment made. Please check that the tutor has accepted your booking. If it looks like the tutor has accepted your booking and the credits are not being transferred from your wallet, ensure that auto payment is switched on.

iProTutor provides guidelines so that tutors can set their own rates for tutorials. The prices reflect their relevant experience and reviews. If you are struggling to find a tutor in a particular price band and would like some advice, just let us know.