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Our free online introduction session is a great way to make sure the tutor you've chosen is right for you, with no obligation to book a tutorial.

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Our tutors aren't just subject experts. They're also role models, mentors and coaches. Young bright and successful, they have a strong understanding of the contemporary curriculum and the pressures today's students face.

We interview every tutor

We interview every tutor

Excellent communication skills are vital for effective teaching - which is why we interview every tutor as part of our selection process.


Independent reviews

See how other students independently rate tutors, with every review ever written available across the site.


High achieving subject experts

Every tutor comes from a leading Malaysia university and college, studies the subject they teach to a level higher than their tutees and achieved an A or A* themselves.

Only pay for what you use

80% of our tutors charge RM40-100/hr View prices


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You only pay for the hours you book.


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Meet tutors for free before you book.


Secure and simple online payment

iPay88 is a leading and award-winning regional Payment Gateway Provider in South East Asia.

A safe environment for learning

Safety and security are our highest priorities.
Our policies were developed with qualified safety officers.



Each applicant is personally interviewed, provides proof of identification, and holds an active university email address.



All communication takes place on the site. Personal contact details remain private and confidential.



All sessions are recorded and can be played back for up to a month by the student or parent.

GS Lim (parent)

GS Lim was new to online tutoring too...

"My kids have just completed a few classes here and they totally enjoy this new method of tuition. Thanks to iprotutor, save us a lot of time looking for a better tutor and not even to travel."

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