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I am the person who love science subjects, especially in Physics. I found that it is really satisfying during the process of understanding the theories and know how it was applied in our daily life. This is how I feel inspired and decided to take engineering course for my degree. I am currently working as a part time tutor at a tuition center. I hope I can help people to understand the theories of the subjects.


"Practice make perfect" . You need to do exercises in order to know how much you have really learnt and what you need to improve. This is the way to know about yourself.


Qualification Level Grade
Bahasa Melayu SPM A-
Bahasa Inggeris SPM A
Sejarah SPM A+
Additional Mathematics SPM A+
Physics SPM A+
Chemistry SPM A+
Biology SPM A+
Mathematics SPM A+
Pendidikan Moral SPM A+
Bahasa Cina SPM A-
Pre-U Foundation in Engineering 3.87


Subject Level My Prices
Physics SPM RM 65 /hr
Chemistry SPM RM 65 /hr
Biology SPM RM 65 /hr
Additional Mathematics SPM RM 55 /hr
Mathematics SPM RM 50 /hr
Mathematics PT3 RM 45 /hr
Science PT3 RM 45 /hr


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8-9 am
9-10 am
10-11 am
11-12 pm
12-1 pm
1-2 pm
2-3 pm
3-4 pm
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After 8pm
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