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I love to read books. Whenever I got time or any free time I'll go and buy books to read on. Basically reading subject is my favourite subjects in school. My favourite subject will be Bahasa Melayu, English, Sejarah and also Geography. Basically I've been become a part time tutor while studying in university. I am very passionate in teaching world. I'll make sure that my student will achieve their target.


I think the best way to learn is by practice to read everyday , so tutorials would be involve going through some examples and also practising question that will be come up in a test or exam. I believed that repetition in reading will help you to memorize all the words which can give you a rough idea on what to write. Basically reading is not something that you can calculate, its about something what you want to express. As the tutor or examiner could understand on what you are going to say. Its fair enough. I'll make sure that all my student will achieves their goals at the end of my lesson.


Qualification Level Grade
Bahasa Melayu SPM A
English SPM A
Sejarah SPM B
Geografi SPM A


Subject Level My Prices
Bahasa Melayu SPM RM 80 /hr
English SPM RM 80 /hr
Sejarah SPM RM 90 /hr
Geografi SPM RM 85 /hr


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