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He has more than 24 years of financial services industry experience with a vast network of clientele and business alliances. He is holding a professional qualification as a Registered Financial Consultant - RFC (IARFC), USA. In year 2011, he was interviewed by KWANG WAH YIT POH Chinese newspaper and becoming a columnist in contributing articles related to the subject of Personal Money Management. Since then, as a co-author of the popular book - Create "WEALTH" With Proper Mortgage Financing. Invited again to write in a local Chinese version magazine - MONEY COMPASS in a title of HEALTH = WEALTH. Over the years, Kenneth has also being invited to conduct training and various seminars on topics such as : 1) "DIY" Financial Planning. 2) Master Money Kids. 3) Personal Money Management. 4) Effective Retirement Planning. Specially Invited Speaker to : ~ 20 Jun 2018 - Ai FM 《Financial Education since early age》 ~ 14 & 15 May 2018 - TV2 《Mandarin National Gallery》 special edition ~ 18 Mar 2018 - Melody 《Little Boss 2.0》 ~ 8 Aug 2017 - Melody 《Morning Boss On-Air Interview》 ~ 4 Jul 2016 - BookFest @ Malaysia 2016 which organized by POPULAR and featuring on 8TV News @ 8pm. & also been invited to organization like JCI (United Penang), Lembaga Getah Malaysia, iProperty Expo, Insurance Agency, Ching Kang Association, primary schools, nurseries etc……. He is a highly passionate person in promoting the financial education and coaching with the objectives to educate public, clients and associates with the knowledge and skills in effectively managing personal finance via a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach - DIYeWealthMaster, to benefit everyone to achieve financial freedom and enjoy a wonderful life. Education background : Institution : - International Association Registered Financial Consultant (IARFC)-USA - The Malaysia Insurance Institute : MII Certificate in Financial Planning - Informatics Institute : NCC The National Centre for Information Technology (Result : DISTINCTION) Associate Member of : - International Association Registered Financial Consultant (IARFC) - USA - FINANCIAL PLANNING ASSOCIATE OF MALAYSIA - FPAM - MALAYSIA FINANCIAL PLANNING COUNCIL - MFPC


In our program, we use the following teaching methodology : i) 3 S (Spending, Savings & Sharing) basic teaching fundamentals. ii) 6 Q values (Financial Quotient (FQ), Intelligent Quotient (IQ), Creativity Quotient (CQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Data Quotient (DQ) & Love Quotient (LQ)). iii) S.M.A.R.T. method approach S imple, easy and creative • Children are interested in simple and creative things. The first success measure is to maintain the children’s enthusiasm throughout the program. M ake it a daily habit • Let it become part of their lives, practice it and internalized it. It will become a good habit and will forever be a good partner at your side. A bility to live happily • We want to nurture our children to have the capability to survive: this means we “teach them how to fish” instead of “give them a fish” ! R egular practice makes perfect • Persistency to do a schematic exercise, maintain the spirit of never giving up. Then success will be achievable. T ools Do It Yourself • Consists of a well designed DIY education tools for the children. 5. These are the main objectives we want to achieve along : Students : i) Cultivate good financial attitude as early as possible. ii) Learn to allocate money for different purposes & cultivate good habits in money management. iii) Acquire good values in Spending, Savings & Sharing. iv) Cultivate habits in financial recording, instill the quality of thriftiness, independence & responsibility in children. v) From "pestering for money” to effective money creation. Parents : i) Educate your children on good financial practices. ii) Learn to prioritise and plan effectively before spending. iii) Create a common bonding platform for family interaction & activities. iv) Parents can have peace of mind when children acquire financial knowledge & skills. v) Reduce financial worries & achieve financial freedom.


Qualification Level Grade
Registered Financial Consultant Professional Merit


Subject Level My Prices
Master Money Kids From Age 4 to 12 RM 100 /hr
Personal Money Management From Age 21 to 60 RM 100 /hr


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