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My Name is Rhys Lim, and I am so excited to be your tutor. I can't wait to hear all about you. I am looking forward to meeting you. See you soon!


In the first tutorial, we will discuss what the student is hoping to achieve - to do their best in an exam, to tackle a particular topic they are struggling with, to gain a general deeper, or more secure, understanding within the subject... Then we will discuss an outline of what we will need to tackle together to reach their goal in the time we have. I find that in the fields of Mathematics, a deep level of understanding is required to reach the best results. This means that if you are given a "KBAT" question in an exam, you can use your base understanding to adapt and modify your knowledge to answer the question. Therefore, in tutorials, I will go over a topic from one or two angles, and then practice this new knowledge with examples which may require a slight stretch from what has just been learnt. The tutorials will mainly focus on topics the student found hard, and I will explain it to them in the most suitable manner - depending on the student, different approaches can be taken to reach the same conclusion. If the student is preparing for an exam, we may go through practice questions together. While doing them, I ask them to explain the process instead of just getting the right answer.


Qualification Level Grade
Maths SPM A*
Add Maths SPM A*
Maths Diploma, Degree, Master A*


Subject Level My Prices
Maths PT3 RM 60 /hr
Add Maths SPM RM 80 /hr
Maths SPM RM 80 /hr
Maths UPSR RM 50 /hr
Maths S STPM RM 100 /hr
Maths T STPM RM 100 /hr
Maths Diploma RM 120 /hr
Maths Degree RM 150 /hr


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