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I`m graduate in Actuarial Science from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. I`m here to become a Tutor in Mathematics in order to help students score A in Mathematics. In the important examinations in Malaysia such as UPSR, PMR, SPM, and matriculation level, I was always got A`s in Mathematics in UPSR, PMR, SPM and Matriculation level for Mathematics subject. I hope, with my knowledge in Mathematics that I had, can be used to help students score A in Mathematics.


I think the best way to learn is by focusing for the lesson in school and also in my tutor class to improve their knowledge in the subject I have taught. By tutoring class, it can helps students to deeply understood in the subject they have learnt . I`m here to help students score A especially in Mathematics subject. Thank you.


Qualification Level Grade
Actuarial Science Degree 3.00


Subject Level My Prices
Mathematics Standard 4 RM 40 /hr
Mathematics Standard 5 RM 40 /hr
Mathematics UPSR RM 40 /hr
Mathematics Form 1 RM 40 /hr
Mathematics Form 2 RM 40 /hr
Mathematics PT3 RM 40 /hr
Mathematics Form 4 RM 50 /hr
Mathematics SPM RM 50 /hr
Additional Mathematics Form 4 RM 50 /hr
Additional Mathematics SPM RM 50 /hr


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