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My name is James Lee and I am a South Korean that has been in Malaysia for more than 20 years. I have graduated from University Sains Malaysia in Bachelor of Arts (Honours) English For Professionals. I am very passionate about English language and I would like to aid students to not only boost their exam/test scores, but also to strengthen their general language proficiency. I am friendly in nature and I will help out as much as I can. I am also very fluent in Malay and Korean language. I was previously an IGCSE English teacher. I am happy and excited to teach you all!


For the first class, I will discuss with the students on what they are trying to fulfill either to gain deeper general knowledge, score in examinations or to face a specific topic that they are struggling with. After the discussion, we will make a study plan on what will we need to challenge to achieve their target in our given time. Language in general gets better and stronger as we continuously involve ourselves to the language and we need to pay extra efforts in it in order for our lingual capacity to grow. In the class, I will introduce topics based on the discussion and we will go through practices with examples to boost the student's knowledge. The class will be putting emphasis on the topics which the students are struggling in and I will be briefing it trough so that there will be no confusions arise. Different approaches will be taken for different types of students and whenever there are exams coming soon, we will practice questions that suits the matter.


Qualification Level Grade
English Degree A


Subject Level My Prices
English SPM RM 50 /hr
English IGCSE RM 80 /hr
English PT3 RM 50 /hr
English O-Level RM 80 /hr
English UPSR RM 35 /hr
English IELTS RM 70 /hr
English MUET RM 70 /hr
Korean Basic RM 60 /hr
English Conversational RM 50 /hr
Korean Speaking RM 60 /hr


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