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Teaching and coaching my students to win their battles in high stake exams is a demanding yet thrilling and exciting part of my life. I have been involved in preparing language learners to excel in international exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, IGCSE Eglish as a First/Second Language over the past decade. Learning wise, I believe that a motivated learner along with the planned instruction that guides the learner to do rather than to memorize the entire syllabus constitutes a potential A* in any exam.


There are miscellaneous ways and methods to prepare learners for an exam. Yet, when I look back I see the lesson content, course syllabus, and lesson plans have to be tailored to meet the expectations of the exam syllabus in a way that develops learners' linguistic knowledge, competence and confidence.


Qualification Level Grade
Teaching English Master's Degree A
CELTA Certificate Pass
English Literature Bachelor's Degree B


Subject Level My Prices
English IGCSE English First Language RM 80 /hr
English IGCSE English Second Language RM 80 /hr
English IGCSE Checkpoint exam RM 70 /hr
English International GCSE, Language A RM 80 /hr
English International GCSE, lanaguge B RM 80 /hr
English International GCSE, Literature RM 80 /hr


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