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I love number and science. Since I was kid, mathematics and science related subjects such as Modern Mathematics and Physics were my favorite subjects. I’ve always thrived under pressure that comes with taking exams. Besides, the process of solving problems is actually quite enjoying for me, which is the reason why I have chosen engineering job as per now and as a process engineer which need to solve various of problems in the manufacturing lines involving science and mathematics.


For me, I think the best way to learn and master something is through firstly the understanding of the fundamentals and secondly through practices. So, tutorials would involve going through worked examples and practicing questions that would come up in an exam/test. I believe through the continuing of practices, students can achieve their goals and ace their subjects.


Qualification Level Grade
Mathematics SPM 1A
Physics SPM 1A


Subject Level My Prices
Maths UPSR RM 60 /hr
Maths PT3 RM 70 /hr
Maths SPM RM 80 /hr
Science UPSR RM 60 /hr
Science PT3 RM 70 /hr
Physics SPM RM 80 /hr


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