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Hi and Assalamualaikum. I'm Khairiyah. I am 28 years old. My skills was to teach Arabic and doing Arabic Malay translation. I prefer working online so that I can easily manage my time and get some more rest. I've experienced working with Arab's from Yemen and I joined Arabic intensive course in Yemen for three month in 2013 (before war). Currently, I am looking for side income for my financial and future savings.


I prefer teaching students about learning strategies before they start learning Arabic vocabularies. Because I found most of the students find that the Arabic Language was hard but what I simply can comment is that they learnt it the wrong way. The students shouldn't forced themselves to memorize a lot of Arabic words if they can't, the best things to do is to practice and not only memorizing.


Qualification Level Grade
Malay Language SPM 4B
Geography PMR A


Subject Level My Prices
Arabic Language Primary School RM 40 /hr
Geography Secondary School RM 30 /hr
Academic Writing (education) Master's RM 50 /hr
History secondary school RM 30 /hr


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