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I love working with facts and prefers practical solution for all problems. This includes exams, answering technique, presentation, assignments and exercises. I use EAL method to teach.Which is my aims to teach English using the mainstream curriculum as the context. This involves developing specific resources which make the language of the curriculum accessible through, for example, increased use of visuals, scaffolding and modelling, while keeping the cognitive challenge and interest level high. Have fun while we learn!


Practice makes prefect. It enhance memory and methodology used to answer during examination. With right method, I believe students whom I teach and taught before can maximize their potential talent.


Qualification Level Grade
Master in Business Administration Masters 3.55
Bachelors in Business Administration Degree 3.80
Professional Diploma inEntrepreneurship and Management Diploma Pass


Subject Level My Prices
Sejarah PT3 RM 35 /hr
Sejarah SPM RM 45 /hr
History IGCSE RM 45 /hr
Business Studies IGCSE RM 45 /hr
Economics IGCSE RM 45 /hr
English PT3 SPM IGCSE RM 35 /hr
Perniagaan SPM RM 45 /hr
Ekonomi SPM RM 45 /hr
BM All levels RM 35 /hr
Matematik UPSR RM 35 /hr


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