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I have 8-year-teaching and tutoring experience in all UPSR (SJKC) subjects, Adult English and Adult Mandarin. 我曾在华小执教,负责所有科目(除了马来文)。我擅长教导语言课目,尤其是中文和英文。我有8年的中英文教学经验。


For language subjects, I would focus on certain aspect(s) (i.e. listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and Grammar) that meet students' special needs. For Maths and Science, there are a few options: (1) Theory & Concept Teaching; (2) Exercises (pre-session) + Discussion (during session); (3) On-the-spot Exercises (Guidance along doing exercises) 语言教学方面,我将针对学生的需求训练学生在听、说、读、写、语法和词汇方面的能力。 数理科目方面,我也将根据学生的情形提供辅助:(1)理论与概念教学;(2)事先出题与作答+课堂讨论答案;(3)课堂中步步指导作答。


Qualification Level Grade
IELTS Language Accessment Test Band 7.0
English Language Degree CGPA 3.09
DELF - Diplôme d'études en langue française B1 77.5/100
DELF - Diplôme d'études en langue française A2 83.5/100
DELF - Diplôme d'études en langue française B2 57/100
IPA国际注册汉语教师资格等级考试 Mandarin Teaching Certification 高级(261/300)
TESOL Certificate English Teaching Certificate Pass


Subject Level My Prices
English Primary 1-3 RM 40 /hr
Mathematics (SJKC) Primary 1-3 RM 40 /hr
Science (SJKC) Primary 1-3 RM 40 /hr
Mandarin Primary 1-3 RM 40 /hr
English PT3 RM 55 /hr
Mandarin PT3 RM 55 /hr
Mandarin SPM RM 60 /hr
English IGCSE RM 70 /hr
English SPM RM 70 /hr
English STPM RM 80 /hr
English (SJKC) Primary 4-6 RM 45 /hr
Mathematics (SJKC) Primary 4-6 RM 45 /hr
Science (SJKC) Primary 4-6 RM 45 /hr
Mandarin (SJKC) Primary 4-6 RM 45 /hr
HSK汉语水平考试 1-3 RM 50 /hr
HSK汉语水平考试 4-5 RM 55 /hr
HSK汉语水平考试 6 RM 60 /hr
Conversational Mandarin Any level RM 55 /hr
Conversational English Any level RM 55 /hr
IELTS Band 6 RM 70 /hr
French Basic RM 35 /hr
Mandarin as a First/Second/Foreign Language IGCSE RM 60 /hr
English as a First/Second Language IGCSE RM 70 /hr
Bahasa Melayu Primary 1-3 RM 40 /hr
English Writing PSLE (Yr 4 - 6) RM 50 /hr


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