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I’m a 2nd year Law student. Currently pursuing my law degree with the University of London’s external programme. I used to work in a tuition centre called Cambridge English for Life for few months. Used to help out in academic wise as well as admin site. And this year 3 months I was working in a law firm. I’ll like teaching Maths,Science,English and Bahasa Malaysia.


I think the best way of teaching is where student and teacher has communications. Or we can look into which way student prefers studying. It would be more interesting to not read from the book word by word. I feel there should be atleast 15-20 minutes allocation of time before the class ends for the student and teacher to have a session to answer questions or look at how questions are.


Qualification Level Grade
English Form 5 A
BM Form 5 B
Maths Form 5 A


Subject Level My Prices
English Pre school to FORM 2. RM 30 /hr
Bahasa malaysia Pre school to standard 6 RM 30 /hr
Maths Pre school to standard 6 RM 30 /hr
Science Pre school to form 2 RM 30 /hr


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