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I ve been tutoring for 18 years, my scope from primary 3 until Form 5. I am a chemist in which I know some about soap making and others. I am good in computer skills such as Microsoft Powerpoint, Words and Excel. I like to work as freelancer because I have family to take care of. I am also active in some volunteer work with The Art Of Living and IAHV. I am a vegetarian and my personality is patient and friendly.


I believe practice make perfect. Through tutoring, students can improve not only in their academy, but ability to build up their confidence in order to strive for a better future. One hour session is short, however a lot of preparation needed as students can benefit as much as they could.


Qualification Level Grade
Chemistry Degree B
Math Degree A
Business ExecutiveDevelopment certifacate A


Subject Level My Prices
Science PT3 RM 40 /hr
Mathematics PT3 RM 40 /hr
Modern Math SPM RM 45 /hr
General Science SPM RM 45 /hr
Chemistry SPM RM 50 /hr
初中化学 UEC RM 45 /hr
高中化学 UEC RM 45 /hr
Just English Programme Starter, Elementary, Pre-Inter RM 40 /hr
Science KssR RM 40 /hr


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