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I love working with numbers - Maths and Additional Maths were my favorite subjects. At my secondary school, I am in the first Science class. I also took part in Australian Mathematics Competition and Olympiad Mathematics International every year. So far I had about 100 more students and 7-year-experience. Also am one of the tutor in two tuition center which are teaching in UEC syllabus and IGCSE syllabus. Available subject: Maths: Primary, Secondary, KSSM, SPM, STPM, UEC, IGCSE Add Maths: SPM, UEC, IGCSE Science: Primary, Secondary, KSSM, SPM, STPM, UEC, IGCSE Physics: Secondary, SPM, STPM, UEC, IGCSE Chemistry: Secondary, SPM, STPM, UEC, IGCSE Education: Degree in New Media and Communication Degree in Computer Science


Fun teaching, and more related to lifestyle.


Qualification Level Grade
Mathematics UEC A1
Additional Mathematics UEC A2
Chemistry UEC A2
Mathematics SPM A+
Physics UEC B3


Subject Level My Prices
Math/Science PT3 RM 45 /hr
Math/Science SPM RM 55 /hr
Add Math/Physics/Chemistry SPM RM 65 /hr
Mathematics UEC RM 65 /hr
Add Maths/Physics/Chemistry UEC RM 70 /hr
IT Primary and Secondary School RM 50 /hr
Science/Mathematics UPSR RM 40 /hr
Maths/Science IGCSE RM 50 /hr
Add Maths/Physics/Chemistry IGCSE` RM 65 /hr


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