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I love working with number - Maths and Additional Maths were my favourite subjects. At my secondary school, I am the first Science class. I also took part in Australian Mathematics Competition and Olympiad Mathematics International every year. I would like to teach Form 1 to 3 Science too. Until now, I also like to teach my friend or my junior some problem in their study, especially Science subject. Now I'm part of marketing staff at my college. And I am studying Superstar course and New Media & Mass Communication at my college. Last year, I'm a teacher assistant at my secondary school too.


I think I will use the best and suitable way to achieve students' goals and ace their subjects. I cannot ensure that I am the best teacher in the world, but I can ensure students can achieve their studies.


Qualification Level Grade
Mathematics UEC A1
Additional Mathematics UEC A2
Chemistry UEC A2
Mathematics SPM A+


Subject Level My Prices
Mathematics PT3 RM 40 /hr
Science PT3 RM 40 /hr
Mathematics SPM RM 50 /hr
Additional Mathematics SPM RM 55 /hr
Science SPM RM 45 /hr
Mathematics UEC RM 55 /hr
Additional Mathematics UEC RM 60 /hr
IT Primary and Secondary School RM 30 /hr
Science UPSR RM 40 /hr
Mathematics UPSR RM 40 /hr


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