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I was graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Sheffield in England. I have fourteen years of working experience in electronics industry with Intel Corp and Dell Corp and years of Mathematics teaching and home tutoring experience. Today I am a full time Math tutor Since January 2012. I started tutoring outside of Penang and outside of Malaysia using Video Conferencing on the internet. Teaching in both Bahasa Melayu (Malay) and in English. I'm friendly and always treat my students as if they are my own children.


Passing major examinations with flying colours is very important to students. Getting outstanding results is a pathway for qualification to the university of choice and a ticket to great career ahead. While helping students to get excellent result is my top priority but my instructions do not stop there. My key focus will be getting the students to understand not only the method (the HOW) to get the right answers but to understand the REASONS behind every mathematical formula and concept. When you are able to answer WHY, will you be able to appreciate the motivation behind everything that we strive for in the mathematics arena. Everybody are created differently and so are the learning styles of individual students. While we are interacting during a tutorial session, I will also probe the students learning style, learning what works best for the students as we go along. With this understanding I will modify my instruction as to maximise the knowledge absorption. Learning Math will not be complete without exercises. I will pose questions to the students and shall observe the way students work on them. I will then give appropriate feedback on the possible solutions. Lastly, I believe with mutual respect, we will both benefit from our tutorial sessions together. See you soon.


Qualification Level Grade
Mathematics SPM A1
Additional Mathematics SPM A2
Physics SPM A1
Mathematics A-Level A


Subject Level My Prices
Mathematics PT3 RM 60 /hr
Mathematics SPM RM 80 /hr
Additional Mathematics SPM RM 80 /hr
Mathematics O-Level RM 80 /hr
Additional Mathematics O-Level RM 80 /hr


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