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I'm currently a Year 2 B.Pharm student at UCSI. I studied at Chung Hua High school for my secondary school. Hence, I learnt more subjects and have knowledge of independent school syllabus. I love biology the most but my other subjects are not bad as well, especially for chemistry and maths. I like to challenge obstacles and I would definitely love to help people as well. I am a patient and responsible person, so I will use a suitable method for each mentee to make sure they can understand the syllabus as well as some external knowledge if they want to.


Practise makes perfect, that is what I believe. During the tutorial, I will give some questions to mentee after explaining the theory. Those questions will be starting from the easiest till the hardest. From this kind of interaction, I will show mentee how to score for the questions as much as I could.


Qualification Level Grade
Maths SPM A
Chemistry SPM A+
Additional Mathematics SPM A
Introduction of Probability and Statistic Foundation 3.75
Fundamental of Mathematics Foundation 4.00
Algebra & Trigonometry Foundation 4.00


Subject Level My Prices
Maths PT3 RM 30 /hr
Maths SPM RM 35 /hr
Add Maths SPM RM 35 /hr
Chemistry SPM RM 35 /hr
Science PT3 RM 30 /hr


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