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I am a former school teacher. I love teaching as I've been trained to teach. I love to help children who had problem with learning And of course helping them is my duty. So far, the students who sticks with me get improvement coz I mostly gave my tuition in small group (2-4 person) and sometimes 1 to 1. By coaching in small group, I can help in students' weakness and drilling them. For kids with dyslexia, I will try to use some playful material for them to learn so that they can fix in normal class with other students. I have students from national school and private school where they come from varied race and level, primary and secondary. I have language class for adults too. For adult class, I prefer 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 so that they can learn better and mastering the languages faster. Last year, there was a German adults came to learn Mandarin with me. Now I plan to have Mandarin, English and Malay class for adults.


For students from primary and secondary, I will focus on their basic level because basic is important. Without basic mastering, they could not go through intermediate and advanced level. So after they have the basic, I will go through all the level step by step, so my class sometimes much more slower than school in class. But when they get the basic, they will improve faster. Besides, I will help them to figure out the level of their learning topics. For weak students, I will focus on grammar- sentences- reading- listening and speaking. For A's students, I will teach them the hardest part then revise the grammar and then come with listening and speaking. For adults language class, I will teach the basic and daily use conversation as this can help them to communicate with others easily. Then, I'll teach them the skill of reading letters And words.


Qualification Level Grade
Education Degree B+


Subject Level My Prices
Language UPSR Year 4- Year 6 RM 35 /hr
Language PT3 Form 1- Form 3 RM 45 /hr
Language SPM Form 4-Form 5 RM 50 /hr
Language O Level Form 3-Form 5 RM 60 /hr
Geography and History PT3 Form 1- Form 3 RM 40 /hr
Geography and History SPM Form 4 - Form 5 RM 50 /hr
Science UPSR Year 4- Year 5 RM 35 /hr
Language Adults RM 70 /hr
UEC Science UEC Form 1 - Form 3 RM 50 /hr
UEC History And Geography UEC Form 1 - Form 3 RM 50 /hr


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