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My favourite subject is Mathematics. Mathematics is fun. Logical thinking is needed to solve Mathematics questions. Learning and practice Mathematics makes me think more logically. I love to teach others because I want to share my knowledge with them.


Practice make perfect. Doing more exercise can help us remember the way to solve the question and discover different way to solve a question. I prefer students to do more exercise so that they will know how to apply their Mathematics knowledge on the question. I will distribute exercise to students and teach them how to solve the questions. I prefer to use language that student preferred. Language is very important in the learning process. If the language used in the learning process is hard to be understand by the students, it will be hard for student to learn. I'm not expert in English and Malay. If student preferred me to teach in English or Malay. I try my best to use simple Malay and English to teach and communicate with them


Qualification Level Grade
Mathematics SPM A-


Subject Level My Prices
Mathematics Kindergarden RM 30 /hr
Mathematics Primary School 1 -6 RM 35 /hr
Mathematics Secondary School 1 -3 RM 55 /hr


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