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Hi, I'm Lynne who start teaching in bookkeeping and accounting since 2013 aside that I'm having 4 years auditing and accounting experience in practice and commercial. The followings are my teaching experiences in secondary school. 2013-2015 Commerce teacher (Bookkeeping, Accounting, economic and business studies) in Foon Yew High School, JB 2017 Commerce teacher (Bookkeeping, Prinsip Akaun, Business Studies) in Kuen Cheng High School, KLLet's make the accounting and bookkeeping knowledge become the assets in your life.


Understand your need to design the suitable approach for you to understand the knowledge and the relevant entries for the transaction. Understand the basic theory of the topic is crucial. Practice to solve different types of question is a MUST for you to score.


Qualification Level Grade
Accounting and Finance Degree Second Lower
CPA CPA Australia Associate Member


Subject Level My Prices
独中簿记(高一、高二) Senior 1 , 2 RM 100 /hr
独中簿记(高三) Senior 3 RM 120 /hr
Bookkeeping and Accounting LCCI-LV2 RM 100 /hr
Fundamental of Accounting Diploma, Degree RM 120 /hr
SPM-Prinsip Akaun SPM RM 70 /hr
Accounting IGCSE RM 100 /hr
Financial Accounting LCCI-LVL 3 RM 120 /hr
Bookkeeping LCCI-LV1 RM 100 /hr


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