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My name is Frentele Titus. I was graduated in 2014 at University Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Puncak Perdana in Diploma of Academic Writing. I’m currently studying in Bachelor of Town and Regional Planning at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Puncak Alam under the Faculty of Architecture, Planning, and Surveying. Back to my personal experience during high school, I was a very active student, I got involved in so many school activities like school entrepreneurship day, public speaking, co-curriculum and curriculum activities. I started to receive a number of award since I was in the junior high school and up until now that I'm in my Bachelor Degree, I'm still on effort to keep getting my award. My strength of teaching is in Science subject, English language, Bahasa Melayu, Sejarah as well as Geografi. Back to my SPM result when I was in High School, I got A+ on science subject. I love everything about science, I have had a huge crush on Science subject since I was in the High School. Ask me anything about science and I will give it to you right away. Want to challenge me? I'm waiting.


Based on my experience as a home tutor as well as a part time tutor at the tutor center, I have learned that students were divided into 3 main categories, first category was the smart students, second was the medium, and third category was the weak students. In my very personal opinion, the first and second categories are best to do with lectures but the third category is best to do with exercise and lecture (right after the exercise is done). I have my own ways of teaching and I have my own skills of delivering lectures, it depends on the situation of the students itself. I do not mind to have any categories of students. As a teacher, I do not mind working out of scope. As a teacher, I have so much to offer. How do you study at home? Is that helping enough? Is that organized enough? Is it working for you? Are you sure? I have some to share. Believe me, if you do this together with me, we can figure something out! These are some of my tips, it might help you: 1. Give yourself enough time to study 2. Organize your study space 3. Use flow charts and diagrams 4. Practice on old exams 5. Explain your answers to others 6. Organize study groups with friends 7. Take regular breaks 8. Snack on brain food 9. Plan your exam day 10. Drink plenty of water


Qualification Level Grade
Writing Diploma in Academic Writing (Technology of Artistic Writing) CGPA 3.69


Subject Level My Prices
Science (Form 4 -5) SPM RM 30 /hr
Bahasa Melayu (Form 1-3) PT3 RM 30 /hr
English Language (Form 4-5) SPM RM 30 /hr
Sejarah (Form 1-5) PT3 SPM RM 30 /hr
Geografi PT3 SPM RM 30 /hr


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