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1. Law: (a) Subjects: - Criminal Law - Legal System and Methods - Contract Law (b) Qualification(s): - 1st class: Criminal Law, Legal System and Methods - 2nd upper class: Contract Law (c) Experience(s): - Brickfields Asia College's Mentorship Programme — I am one of the mentors for first-year students. My task as a mentor is to prepare and deliver 45-minute mini-lectures on specified subjects as requested. 2. Economics: (a) Level: A-Levels (b) Qualification(s): - A* in A-Levels' Economics 3. English: (a) Level: primary school - high school (SPM or equivalent) (b) Qualification(s): - The Test in Legal English Skills - Distinction - Certificate in Legal English - Distinction - SPM English - A - 1119 - 1 (c) Experience(s): - 6 years of experience in English-Chinese translation


"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Albert Einstein Scoring in art-subject exams is all about: (i) having great ideas; (ii) expressing them; and (iii) expressing them concisely and timely. To do so, you may need to attend classes. You may need to make personalised notes. You may need to attempt questions. However, more importantly, you have to love what you do. Without enthusiasm, you will never have great, original ideas, ideas that make you wonder at your own work - you end up regurgitating others' works. You end up getting bored. You end up giving up. Here, we will have notes sharing, practices, etc. However, I will not emphasise on knowledge sharing - all things you need to know are in the textbooks. I will emphasise on sharing with you the values of learning each and every bit of knowledge you learnt in school. I will ask thought-provoking questions, and so will you. Every tutorial is going to be two-way communications. At the end of every class, you leave having your own ideas, your own insights. And this, my friends, is what the tutorial fees I charge are worth. "If you don't understand it well enough, join my tutorials." - Chew Zhi Han


Qualification Level Grade
Criminal Law Degree A
Legal System and Method Degree A
Contract Law Degree B+
Certificate in Legal English (Foundation) Professional Distinction
The Test in Legal English Skills (Foundation) Professional Distinction
English Secondary School A
Law A-Levels A
Economics A-Levels A*


Subject Level My Prices
Criminal Law Degree RM 100 /hr
Legal System and Method Degree RM 100 /hr
Contract Law Degree RM 100 /hr
English Legal System A-Levels RM 80 /hr
Economics A-Levels RM 80 /hr
English PT3, SPM RM 60 /hr


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