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Hi Firstly I thank you for being here. I am an experienced English Teacher. However, I also teach subjects like World History and English Literature besides the English Language. If you need me to simply untangle your language difficulties I am right there to help you out. I have 10 years of teaching experience in the English subject for both national and international syllabus. I am an ex-secondary school teacher, I have also taught in higher learning institutions. My teaching background is quite vast that brings me to be an expert in my respective field of teaching. I do the best if you are ready to work with me. So, are you ready? If yes why wait just be online.


I begin my English language skills teaching with basic grammar development. This is because I believe that it is the basics and tool to get the of learning English. My style of teaching is using the step by step methodology by focusing on receptive and productive skills i.e listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. Learning the techniques of answering different types questions and get my students exposed to a range of questions format is essential during my lessons. A regular practice of worksheets and past year questions develops and enhances the learning and understanding of a subject. I apply the similar methodology of teaching for other subjects as well. Students participation is equally important in the process of online learning for e.g completing given tasks on time and to anticipate responding to questions and answer sessions.


Qualification Level Grade
English Studies Master A


Subject Level My Prices
English and English Literature PT3, SPM, Diploma and Degree RM 60 /hr


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