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Graduated with a communication degree, I have always fascinated by different languages and the use of language for communication. I have spent most of the time studying English language and linguistics as well as some foreign language (Spanish). During my studies, I have found my passion in teaching languages (Malay/English) as a second language. Working in multiple language institutions and public schools, I have realized that multilingualism is such a beautiful thing. As a multilingual speaker myself, I would love to share my true passion towards languages for my students.


I think the best way to learn is through practice, there are no other ways to master a language without practice. By repetition, I believe this is how students can achieve their goals and ace their subjects. The classes are mainly conducted by two languages: Mandarin (if necessary for Mandarin speakers) or English. Other arrangements are negotiable if necessary. Besides, homework and weekly coursework will be assigned to the students via email. Feedbacks will be given weekly for their submissions.


Qualification Level Grade
International Communication Studies Bachelor of Arts 2nd Class Honour
English Language and Literature Bachelor of Arts 2nd Class Honour
Preliminary English Test Level B1 Pass
First Certificate of English Level B2 B
Certificate in Advance English Level C1 C
General Certificate of English O-Level A*
Spanish Level B2 Merit


Subject Level My Prices
Spanish (Basic) Level A1/A2 RM 30 /hr
English UPSR RM 35 /hr
English SPM RM 45 /hr
English (International) Level A1/A2/B1/B2 RM 45 /hr
English Oral and Study Skills All Levels RM 35 /hr
Malay UPSR RM 35 /hr
Malay (Essay Class) PT3 RM 30 /hr
English STPM RM 45 /hr


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