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I love working with numbers, and hold a degree in Accountancy. I also am a native English Language speaker and succeeded in Public Speaking, School and Varsity Debating and Story Writing. I have a passion for teaching and have been teaching piano and music theory for the past 5 years. I've recently decided to go full time into teaching tuition and am sure I can utilize my knowledge of Math, Accounting and English in this field.


I always believe practice makes perfect. My sessions will start off with introduction to a new (or unsure) concept or principle. It will be followed by practice examples, questions and tests to fortify the knowledge. We will then move on to the next concept or principle. In the next lesson, we will carry out a quick recap of what was learnt in the previous week. If there are any hiccups or doubts, we will clear that up before moving on to the new lesson of the session.


Qualification Level Grade
Bachelor of Accouting (Hons.) Degree Second Lower Division


Subject Level My Prices
Maths UPSR, PT3 RM 50 /hr
Maths SPM RM 70 /hr
English UPSR, PT3 RM 50 /hr
English SPM RM 70 /hr
Accounting SPM RM 70 /hr


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