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As you know, knowledge is far more valuable when shared. Thus teaching is especially important as it imparts knowledge to others. I can still clearly remember that I started enjoying "teaching" at a young age. After I had learned something new, I was always itching to share my new discovery with my little companions. While growing up as a high school student, an undergraduate and a graduate, I have always admired those school teachers and university professors who excelled at conveying their knowledge unto me. My teaching experiences as a private tutor and in graduate school as a lab instructor have not only helped me to improve my teaching skills, but also have encouraged me to pursue a life-long career in teaching and research. Now that I am equipped with the knowledge of fundamental chemistry as well as research experience at the frontier of materials science, I am eager for a teaching opportunity to share what I have learned and to inspire those young and fresh minds so often found in academia.


I would like to teach general subjects especially Mandarin, Malays, English, Mathematics and Sciences for primary students. Based on my own academic background with flying color results, I would like to teach patiently for fully understanding by students.


Qualification Level Grade
Mandarin SPM A-
English SPM A
Malay SPM A
Moral SPM A
Sejarah SPM A
Mathematics SPM A+
Additional Mathematics SPM A
Account SPM A
Physics SPM A
Chemistry SPM A
Biology SPM A-
Chemistry STPM B+
Biology STPM B-
Chemistry Degree 3.47


Subject Level My Prices
Mandarin Primary school RM 50 /hr


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11-12 pm
12-1 pm
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