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I have diploma in Science Mathematics and Degree in Science Statistics. I have experience be a tutor for additional math(spm) event for 2 years and be a mathematics and add math teacher at tuition centre for 5 months.


For me , I like to teach my students how to solve mathematics problem in a simple way and usually I use my method. I will try my best for my students . Some of my students before this ,she doesn't like addmaths but after I teach her for several months, then she turn to love addmaths. Addmaths and Maths can become simple if u do more exercise. Everything actually come from yourself.


Qualification Level Grade
Mathematics SPM A
Additional Mathematics SPM A-
Calculus 1 Diploma A-
Calculus 2 Diploma B+
Calculus 3 Diploma B
Ordinary DifferentEquationstion Diploma A
Mathematical Logic and Proving Techniques Diploma A-
Probability and Statistics 1 Diploma A+
Linear Algebra 1 Diploma A+
Linear Algebra 2 Degree A-
Inferential Statistics Degree A


Subject Level My Prices
Mathematics PT3 RM 50 /hr
Mathematics SPM RM 60 /hr
Additional Mathematics SPM RM 70 /hr


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