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To be frankly, I never have a proper teaching experience. I did become a Chemistry mentor during I was form 5 when i was selected by the teacher. During that time, the teacher ask us to teach 3 people for 1 mentor. As I went into MMU,Cyberjaya, i involve myself with Japanese clubs as I really love japanese cultural. Early year, the president gave me a task where to handle a trip to Bon Odori. Next task were given was to handle a japan cultural week where i was part of the exhibition team. As another year pass by, I was promoted to organize a japanese class where i become the middle person between the japanese teacher from the japan foundation and organize class for MMU student who are interested to join the class. At the same time, I was assign to be co-director for an event called Japan Cultural Night. During this event, i make sure all the checklist and deadline for props, booking, task were given to all committees and ensure they finished before the deadline. As a co-director also, me and my director are the one who manage the flow of the event and inviting all the guess related. After the event finish, i even handle a class "how to wear yukata" to MMU students that are interested with the class. As another year passed, I was promoted become a vice president. During these times, i will always disscuss and check with my president and another vice president if the flow of year went smoothly and to ensure the committees were doing their job properly. As for committees that have problem or giving problem with their task, i will personally approach them and discuss with them properly. At this year, i even handle a game teaching class in arts section by my Game Development club which consist of my batch classmate 


Depends on the student capabilities. Some of them are the one who learn through practice and some of them who learn through reading and then only practice. Usually will exposed with the experience then only they will get used any kind of situation in learning. Everyone is unique, but nevertheless practice makes perfect :)


Qualification Level Grade
Additional Maths SPM A+
Calculus Degree A+
Programming Fundamentals Degree B+


Subject Level My Prices
Additional Maths SPM RM 30 /hr
Programming Fundamentals Foundation RM 40 /hr
Game Fundamentals Degree RM 40 /hr
Introduction to Android Degree RM 40 /hr


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