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Augustine Cheng is a civil and structural engineering graduate from a double degree programme, collaboration between National University of Malaysia (UKM) and Universität Duisburg Essen, Germany (UDE). He is also a graduate engineer member of Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). He passed the O’level equivalent examination, SPM with straight A’s result, which allowed him to be awarded full scholarship by Malaysian Public Service Department (JPA) to pursue his tertiary education. Now, he is a full time mathematics tuition teacher in Johor Bahru.


- Any Mathematics subjects from kindergarten to university. - Besides, he also teaches mandarin. - 2 hours per week. - Replacement or refund for class cancellation can be discussed upon request. Too much class cancellation will lead to tuition termination.


Qualification Level Grade
Civil Engineering Degree university Second Upper


Subject Level My Prices
Mathematics Kindergarten & primary school RM 50 /hr
Mathematics Lower secondary school RM 65 /hr
Mathematics Higher secondary school RM 79 /hr
Additional Mathematics Higher secondary school RM 86 /hr
Mathematics Pre-university RM 93 /hr
Mandarin Kindergarten, primary school RM 50 /hr
Mandarin Lower secondary school RM 65 /hr
Adult mandarin speaking Adult RM 79 /hr


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