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Hi, my name is Wong Voon Leong but other may address me Voon. I always keen to meeting new people and finding ways to aid them get in an uplifting experience. I also love to explore the stories behind the real-life logic, thus accounting, economic and business administration were my favorite subjects. To me, accounting is not merely the figures with “Dr” or “Cr” so as economic is not just a line of equilibrium between demand or supply. As I have go through of these, I love to share some stories and help others go “Above and beyond” to find the right way of learning. As regards my capabilities, I graduated as Bachelor in Accounting (Hons) from UUM, Malaysia and currently pursuing master in Accounting as well. Aside, I have real practicing experiences in auditing and financial accounting fields before.


To me, a good practice of learning is to find the right way to get the knowledge faster, deeper and meaningful. In lesson, I will share some explanation & tips to understand and remember the subject more easily. Nothing come prefect without practices, some exercises and model questions will be given as well. Experience, reflecting, thinking and applying are the process of learning.


Qualification Level Grade
Accounting STPM, Degree, Master A & A+
Economic STPM, Degree A
Pengajiaan Am STPM A


Subject Level My Prices
Prinsip Perakaunan SPM RM 30 /hr
Ekonomi Asas SPM RM 30 /hr
Perakaunan STPM RM 40 /hr
Ekonomi STPM RM 40 /hr
Pengajian Am (Karangan & Kenegaraan) STPM RM 40 /hr


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