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I have been teaching tuitions for 10+ years and I have my own tuition centre. As an ex-international school teacher, I have been trained to utilize exam-oriented learning methods and personalized teaching techniques based on each student's capability. My specialty subjects include biology, science, chemistry and english. Every student I have taught until now have a developed a passion for learning instead of merely memorizing for exams-this is my ultimate goal. I practice a very flexible teaching style which is suitable for the current generation. Improvement is guaranteed if student attends every class and completes the lesson tasks.


I believe the best way to keep the student interested during each lesson is to ensure that they understand what the tutor is teaching. In order to do that, the teaching style cannot be stagnant, it has to be adapted according to the student's interests. Some prefer old school teaching methods whereas some may prefer using technology for lessons, so it has to be incorporated into lesson delivery accordingly. I strive to form a friendly relationship with all my students as this helps me deliver lessons in a more effective way. To me, there is no separation between high-achievers or average achievers, as I believe that every student can become high achievers IF the lesson delivery is favorable to them.


Qualification Level Grade
double degree in medical bioscience and biotechnology degree pass


Subject Level My Prices
Biology SPM RM 60 /hr
Chemistry SPM RM 60 /hr
English all levels RM 55 /hr
Science all levels RM 55 /hr


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